Why Does Joe Biden Support Rape and Murder?

Posted: Oct 20, 2011 5:42 PM

That grossly unfair headline is merely an application of our Vice President's own rhetorical standards on the consquences of not passing the administration's $35 Billion so-called jobs bill.  Biden's "point" is that if Congress fails to send more (unpaid for) federal bailout money (we don't have) to states, local communities may be forced to reduce the size of their police forces.  This, he says, would cause rape and murder rates to rise.  Ergo, Republicans who oppose the bill -- recalcitrant Democrats get a pass for some reason -- are siding with rapists and murderers over their future victims.  Therefore, PassThisBillRightNow.  This level of demagoguery is absolutely, insanely distasteful and stooge-like, but you don't mess with Joe:

Since this is the sales pitch our Vice President has settled on, Allahpundit raises a devious, but entirely reasonable (under Slow Joe's own metric) point about the legislation itself:

I have to ask again: How did he and The One decide on the optimal amount of money for first responders in the new jobs bill, or as I’m now calling it, The Federal Rape Prevention Act of 2011? According to Tapper, they want $5 billion for cops (and firefighters) and … $30 billion for teachers. Important jobs all, but if we’re forced to choose between smaller class sizes in public schools and less rape, I’m thinking most of us want more money for the latter than for the former. How come Obama and Biden don’t agree? Are they really just pitiful stooges for the teachers’ unions? Or are they just soft on rape?

Yes, Mr. Vice President, why does your own bill devote so much money to "supporting" jobs that don't protect citizens against this apparent epidemic of  rape and murder?  Why must you side with hardcore criminals against the American people?  How stupid.

UPDATE - Seven Senate Dems are siding with the "pro-rape" crowd.  Go get 'em, Joe.