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Let's see.  A coalition of leftists, government unions, and Democrats spent millions of dollars on an effort to unseat a conservative State Supreme Court justice in April.  They failed, and the victorious David Prosser promptly joined a majority decision upholding Gov. Walker's (successful) budget law.  Then they spent approximately $20 million to win back the Senate by recalling up to six Republican State Senators who voted for Gov. Walker's (successful) budget fix.  They failed, and the GOP will maintain control over the upper chamber, even if both incumbent Democrats win next week.  Having racked up an eight-figure, zero-results tab, Wisconsin liberals are hoping that the third time's a charm.  To prove to the world how how very resolute they are -- even in the face of multiple humiliating defeats -- they're doubling down on the quixotic mission of recalling the architect of the state's (successful) budget repair legislation himself, Gov. Scott Walker:


Democrats are forging ahead with efforts to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker next year, one day after losing four of six recall elections to oust GOP state senators.  The Tuesday night losses left Democrats a single seat short of overturning GOP control of the state’s upper chamber, though Democratic officials and operatives on the ground insisted Wednesday that their two wins in Republican-leaning areas exposed Walker’s weaknesses.

Might a high-ranking state Democratic official have a delusional quote they'd like to share?  Go right ahead, Mike:

If we can do all of this against entrenched Republicans on their own turf, imagine our success … when all of Wisconsin can have its voice heard on Gov. Walker’s extreme, divisive agenda,” Wisconsin state party chairman Mike Tate wrote in a memo to reporters Wednesday.

This quote ignores the fact that Democrats explicitly targeted Republicans in swing districts for their failed recall parade, and that every single Republican they attempted to oust this week represented a district won by Barack Obama in 2008.  Quite a nuanced definition of "Republicans' own turf."  There's also the minor detail that according to a May poll, Wisconsinites oppose recalling Gov. Walker by a fairly healthy margin -- and that was before the empirical benefits of his signature legislation started to become clear, as they have in recent weeks.  But by all means, Wisconsin liberals, please pursue this wildly expensive pipe dream. 
Come to think of it, if it'll goad these clowns into squandering even more money and political capital, I'm willing to start an online meme that conservatives are very worried that Scott Walker is vulnerable to a well-funded recall push.  Ahem.  Cut and paste, as needed:  "Top conservative/Koch brothers/corporate jet owner sources tell Townhall they're deeply concerned that a multimillion dollar recall effort against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker next year might succeed, if attempted." 
Got that, liberals?  Go for it.

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