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The Chinese are reportedly developing sophisticated electromagnetic pulse weaponry to help mitigate their traditional warfare inferiority in the event of a large-scale clash with the United States -- a contingency a former Chinese Defense Minister once called "inevitable."  The Washington Times' Bill Gertz has the scoop:


China's military is developing electromagnetic pulse weapons that Beijing plans to use against U.S. aircraft carriers in any future conflict over Taiwan, according to an intelligence report made public on Thursday.  Portions of a National Ground Intelligence Center study on the lethal effects of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons revealed that the arms are part of China's so-called "assassin's mace" arsenal - weapons that allow a technologically inferior China to defeat U.S. military forces.

The declassified intelligence report, obtained by the private National Security Archive, provides details on China's EMP weapons and plans for their use. Annual Pentagon reports on China's military in the past made only passing references to the arms.  The report, produced in 2005 and once labeled "secret," stated that Chinese military writings have discussed building low-yield EMP warheads, but "it is not known whether [the Chinese] have actually done so."

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is warning about possible plots to sabotage US infrastructure and water supplies.  These attacks could be carried out by terrorists who have infiltrated American society and obtained positions that may grant them easy access to sow destruction:


Sabotage by an insider at a major utility facility, including a chemical or oil refinery, could provide al Qaeda with its best opportunity for the kind of massive Sept. 11 anniversary attack Osama bin Laden was planning, according to U.S. officials.

A new intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security issued Tuesday, titled Insider Threat to Utilities, warns "violent extremists have, in fact, obtained insider positions," and that "outsiders have attempted to solicit utility-sector employees" for damaging physical and cyber attacks.  "Based on the reliable reporting of previous incidents, we have high confidence in our judgment that insiders and their actions pose a significant threat to the infrastructure and information systems of U.S. facilities," the bulletin reads in part.

The ABC News report says intelligence recovered at Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan suggests that Al Qaeda has designs to reprise the carnage of 9/11 on or around the tenth anniversary of the attacks, which is less than two months away.  Stay vigilant, America.  Based on the terrorists "violent extremists" depicted in a new DHS "see something, say something" PSA-style video, the public should be on the lookout for...anyone except people who appear to be of Middle Eastern descent:


Hey, they may not be able to spell "acquiring" (3:02), but that doesn't mean Janet Napolitano & crew can't keep us safe.  Feer uss, violant extreemists! 

UPDATE - Ahem:

I know, I know:  "Racist!" or something.

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