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RNC Ad: Obama By The Numbers

This new spot from the RNC dips into the deep reservoir of Barack Obama's past statements, and highlights a small handful of soaring, aspirational quotes from his acceptance speech at the Denver Acropolis.  If the president is to be defeated next fall, this sort of approach will likely play a significant role in his electoral demise.  Republicans will get enormous mileage out of simply reminding voters of the yawning canyon that exists between the swooning hopenchange zeitgeist of 2008 and the dreary economic realities this administration's policies have caused or exacerbated.  Wash, rinse, repeat:


Given the president's propensity toward self-inflicted political body snatching, a veritable treasure trove of this sort of damaging material is out there, begging to be exploited.  It's good to see the GOP is on its game at this early juncture.

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