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Awesome: Alan Grayson Running for Congress

Sure, he's an insufferable clown, but he's their insufferable clown.  Welcome back to the mix, Alan.  We've missed you:

WFTV learned on Monday that former U.S. Congressman Alan Grayson is running for office again. On Monday, Grayson said he doesn't plan to do anything different. He said he's running again because of all the people who have reached out and asked him to. Grayson already raised nearly $100,000 in donations before filing his paperwork on Monday. "We need somebody who's gonna stick up for what's right. Somebody with guts," Grayson said.


Aside from his hard-Left ideology in a reddish district, Grayson's scorched earth brand of politics earned him the moniker, "America's Worst Politician," and rendered him completely toxic to independent voters.  How 'bout a quick stroll down memory lane, for old times' sake?

During Grayson's last campaign an ad referred to his opponent, Daniel Webster, as Taliban Dan. Grayson lost his District 8 Congressional seat to Webster after a highly controversial campaign. And Grayson's take on the Republican health care plan caught national attention. "Republican plan: don't get sick. And if you do get sick, die quickly," said Grayson on the floor of Congress.

Any regrets, Alan?  Nah, he's convinced his 18-point loss was the product of a minor voter turnout issue (a slight upgrade, as far as delusional excuses go):

Looking back, Grayson said he has no regrets about his campaign. "What went wrong with my campaign, and Democratic campaigns all over the country, is that Democrats didn't vote," said Grayson.  Grayson said his approach this time around depends on the circumstances, but for the sake of supporters who sent him donations before he announced he's running again, he said he has no plans to hold back. Grayson may not be running for his old seat with redistricting under way right now, he may end up running for a newly created seat for Orlando.  It's still to [sic] early to know who he will be running against.


Don't you dream of holding back, Alan.  It's not your style; plus, Ed Schultz would never forgive you.   Considering what a mendacious, unstable cretin this guy is, why does my headline describe his decision as  "awesome"?  (1) He'll lose badly.  Again.  (2) He's a walking, talking embodiment of the deranged Left -- plumbing such cartoonish lows that I've openly wondered if he's really a deep-cover GOP operative engaged in an elaborate piece of performance art.  (3) Most importantly, his re-emergence gives me an excuse to post our viral parody ad from last fall.  Ah, memories:


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