"Accountable:" New Romney Video Features Obama's Own Words

Posted: Jun 23, 2011 4:57 PM

Say what you will about Mitt Romney; he obviously rejects Jon Huntsman's "no names" approach to criticizing the president. In his campaign's latest hard-hitting online video, Romney exploits a line of attack served up on a silver platter by Obama himself.  Swing and a drive...

The wrenching "accountability" process is already afoot, according to Gallup.  43/50 approval-disapproval is a very precarious position for any incumbent, even at this early stage. By the way, since I mentioned Huntsman above, does his strategy to clinch the Republican nomination rely upon a foundation of winning non-Republican votes? (Via Verum Serum):

Huntsman's campaign has issued a clarification:

John Weaver, Huntsman's chief strategist, sought to clarify the ex-governor's intentions by saying: "We intend to do well, in New Hampshire and South Carolina and Florida, among Republicans -- and every indication that we have, early on, is that we will do so. Now, the fact that a candidate can attract independent votes is a good indication that they can be more viable in a general election. And at the end of the day, this is about beating Barack Obama. But our goal is to do well -- extremely well -- among Republicans."