"Patriotic Millionaires" to Congress: Please Raise Our Taxes!

Posted: Jun 08, 2011 9:39 AM

From the producers of "Throw Grandma From The Cliff" comes the blockbuster hit of the summer: "Tax Me, Bro," starring a handful of sanctimonious liberals who can't stop mentioning how rich they are:


A few points:

(1) Millionaires are already taxed at a higher rate than the rest of us plebeians.  It's called "the top income bracket."  When a well-to-do liberal whines about he and his peers not paying their "fair share," perhaps he needs to be reminded that the top one percent of wage-earners in America currently contributes nearly 40 percent of all income tax revenue the federal government collects.  The richest ten percent of Americans pay about 70 percent of all income taxes.  At the other end of the spectrum, almost half of Americans pay zero income taxes at all.  None.  Apparently, this isn't quite "fair" enough for some liberals.

(2) Given how fabulously rich the stars of this video claim to be, couldn't at least one of them have sprung for a few extra bucks to help raise its production value to above the level of a junior high A/V club project?

(3) If these preachy, affluent leftists think so highly of the federal government's capacity for sound financial stewardship, and if they have mounds of cash cluttering their (undoubtedly carbon-offset) mansions, they are more than welcome to voluntarily make generous donations to Uncle Sam at any time. 

Isn't that grand news, "patriotic millionaires?"  You don't have to hold your collective breath waiting for House Republicans to experience the improbable epiphany that tax hikes are a good idea for a sputtering economy.  Instead, you can simply follow this link and impose big, fat tax hikes on yourselves!  It's your self-stylized patriotic duty, after all. 

And as Allahpundit notes, while you're at it, you'd better dig deep.

UPDATE - An astute reader points me to this classic piece by Art Laffer and Stephen Moore, which demonstrates that many successful employers and investors aren't quite as, um, "patriotic" as their lefty counterparts -- and that they vote with their feet.

UPDATE II - These patriotic patriotism-loving patriots have dismissed the suggestion that they voluntarily cut checks to the government "preposterous on its face."