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"We do not have time for this silliness," President Obama intoned last month, explaining his decision to take the extraordinary (and unnecessary) step of releasing his long-form birth certificate to the public.  Indeed.  The long-debunked "controversy"
was a relentless distraction from the very real challenges facing our nation.  And although the president clearly stated his hope that the country will transcend the "silliness" of birtherism, his professed wish hasn't stopped his re-election team from capitalizing on the phenomenon to raise money.  Behold, the latest Obama 2012 flair, available for a modest donation:

Although this line of memorabilia represents an explicit violation of Obama's "let's put this issue behind us and move forward" standard, I can't bring myself to manufacture any outrageous outrage.  It's actually rather funny.  In fact, if I didn't have to fork over a few bucks to Obama's campaign, I'd totally score one of those mugs.  If Team Obama were really cheeky, they'd enclose a free copy of Jerome Corsi's new book with every shipment worth over, say, $100.

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