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Video: Discussing Obama's National Security Shake-up

During my (blessedly Birtherism-free) appearance on Live, the panel analyzed President Obama's announced shuffling of high-ranking national security and intelligence personnel.  The general, bipartisan consensus was that the president made solid picks:

Later in the segment, I noted the remarkable political rehabilitation of Gen. Petraeus within left-leaning circles over the last four years.  In the fall of 2007, the Left targeted him with reprehensible personal attacks in advance of his Congressional testimony about President Bush's successful Iraq surge strategy.  Remember this?

You may not recall that Sen. Barack Obama was among a small handful of Senators who declined to condemn MoveOn for that dreadful smear.  During the hearings themselves, Sen. Hillary Clinton infamously questioned Petraeus' honesty:

Nearly four years later, President Obama has twice promoted Petraeus to crucial posts; first to lead the mission in Afghanistan, and now to run the CIA.  The move has been met with near universal applause.  Even the Secretary of State has refrained from mumbling about "the willing suspension of disbelief."  It's gratifying to witness the Democratic Party finally discovering and confirming what many conservatives -- including the 43rd president -- knew all along:  Gen. David Petraeus is a man of sterling integrity and unimpeachable patriotism.  We're blessed to have him serving our country.


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