Live From Boulder, Colorado

Posted: Apr 04, 2011 8:53 AM
Every year for the last 63 years, the University of Colorado has hosted the Conference on World Affairs -- a wide-ranging, free-wheeling, week-long festival of panel discussions on virtually any topic under the sun.  This year, the conference organizers have kindly invited me to participate.  I'll serve on six panels between today and Thursday, covering topics ranging from the future of the GOP, to the 2012 presidential field, to the power of social media, to how to land a job out of college. 

Townhall readers in the greater Denver area are more than welcome to attend the conference, which is free to the public.  Your support would be very much appreciated; Boulder is a notoriously Left-wing city, and its politics are reflected in the composition of the panels and its attendees.  By my rough count, I'm one of only half a dozen right-leaning participants in the entire event -- including John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, Robert George of the New York Post, and Mike Franc of the Heritage Foundation. 

Here's to four challenging days of defending conservatism in hostile territory...