Questions of the Night

Posted: Mar 09, 2011 11:56 PM
As we approach midnight in Washington, DC -- and as the protests continue apace in Madison -- a few parting questions for the gallery:

(1) If thousands of enraged, chanting Tea Partiers had swarmed past security into the US Capitol rotunda, broken windows and doors, locked themselves into the building using handcuffs, and attempted to surround and rock a busload of Democratic representatives leaving the Hill following their Obamacare vote last March, how might the media have reacted?

(2) If an entire Republican delegation from any state in the union had literally fled their jurisdiction and camped out across the border for weeks on end in an anti-democratic gambit to stave off a "progressive" reform championed by a duly (and newly) elected Democratic Governor and legislature, how might the media have reacted?

(3) How on earth have federal public sector workers managed to survive without any of the supposedly inviolable collective bargaining "rights" still enjoyed by Wisconsin public employees -- even after this "draconian, dictatorial" budget bill has passed?