Stupid: Democrats Unveil Post-Tucson "Pinpoint" Map

Posted: Mar 08, 2011 5:27 PM
The DCCC has introduced a new tone-friendly version of a political target map.

They're calling it a "pinpoint map" in fundraising emails.  Get it?  The Republicans they're targeting pinpointing for defeat are identified by blue thumb tacks rather than provocative, violence-encouraging bullseyes -- which they've used in the past.  This way, in the event that a deranged, apolitical nut (who, incidentally, might never actually see this map) carries out a horrific act, they won't be blamed for it.  Or something.

Recapping: The Left is firmly committed to superficial forms of civility generated by a manufactured political non-sequitur.  Meaningful, real life civility?  Not so much (slight content warning):

: Twitter's @jamesgelfand mentions that "pins are sharp and can hurt." We must denounce this explicit call to violence!