Ezra Klein: Radical Islam Hearings are "Publicity Hounding"

Posted: Mar 08, 2011 10:36 AM
Klein isn't satisfied merely impugning Congressman King's motives, he also seems puzzled as to why the inquiry has any special focus on Islam.  After all, he points out, "we've had school shootings by young Christians."  Nuance:

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UPDATE: Rep. King now requires added security due to the volume of threats he's receiving.  My goodness, he's a pretty committed "publicity hound," isn't he, Ezra?

Every Homeland Security chair gets protection, but King’s has been stepped up in the wake of threats — some generated by the controversy over the hearings.

“I’m getting a lot of hostile phone calls now, but the main threats I’m getting are from overseas,” Rep. King said.

King also said he promises to hear from a wide-range of voices, including Muslims that oppose the hearings, but intend to participate.