Michelle Obama: The President Has Quit Smoking

Posted: Feb 08, 2011 6:06 PM

Addicted no more?  The first lady says it's so:

Michelle Obama confirmed Tuesday that her husband has kicked his decades-long smoking habit.

At a reporter's luncheon in the Old Family dining room, Michelle Obama said that it has been "almost a year," since her husband has picked up a cigarette.

"It's been a while and I'm very proud of him," she said during an hour-long conversation with reporters and her senior staff to discuss her anti-childhood obesity initiative. "I haven't poked and prodded. When somebody is doing the right thing, you don't mess with them."

Obama said that she didn't know exactly when the president stopped because "he never smoked a lot."

Hey, if the president has actually quit smoking, more power to him.  Added bonus: It's an extremely convenient time for Michelle Obama to reveal her husband's new and improved healthy lifestyle.  The White House's timeline adds up, too.

As a non-smoker who finds the practice disgusting, I can't help but admire John Boehner's unapologetic forthrightness about his own habit.  When he was pressed on the issue by Fox's Chris Wallace, Boehner offered a straightforward, no-nonsense retort:

"You know, smoking. Listen, it' a bad habit, but I have it. It's a legal product. I choose to smoke. Leave me alone."