Awesome? Snooki Totally Snubs Chuck Schumer

Posted: Feb 02, 2011 11:36 AM
The Washington Post has the video, and our own, inimitable Allahpundit offers the perfect take: "In one corner: An obnoxious camera whore who represents everything that’s wrong with America. In the other corner: Snooki."  As I said, perfect:

Snookie Ignores Her Senator Charles Schumer from PAPSFIRST on Vimeo.

Schumer can barely disguise his eagerness to be photographed with Snooks -- lingering awkwardly for far too long, hoping against hope that the pint-sized "star" might decide to care that her Senator is nearby.  Alas, she can't be bothered by such inane matters.  When someone finally holds her attention long enough to inform her that Schumer "just passed by," her indifference could not be more obvious.  In a sane world, the apathy would have been mutual.  Sadly, it wouldn't have surprised me if New York's senior Senator had cracked a GTL joke -- if he wasn't so rudely deprived of the opportunity to interact with, um, greatness.

Could Snooki have been deliberately giving Schumer the cold shoulder because she's a well-documented McCainiac?  Or was she just being the clueless, self-absorbed cartoon character of a young woman MTV viewers have come to love? You know what -- forget the question.  Let's not waste any more time, thought, or blogspace on either of these people.