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Video: Rep. Paul Ryan's GOP Response

Republican Congressman and author of the serious (and therefore controversial) Roadmap for America's Future, Paul Ryan, delivered the GOP response to President Obama's State of the Union Address last night:

Text HERE.

Delivering the opposition response immediately following the pomp and circumstance of a presidential address to a joint session of Congress is often a difficult and thankless job.  Still, Rep. Ryan performed ably.  He seemed a bit sluggish and halting at first, but hit his stride when he began to delve into budgetary matters -- his bread and butter.  Ryan puts a fresh, earnest face on the Republican Party, and I predict Democrats' demonization campaign against him will fail because (a) he's smarter than most of his opponents, and can run rings around them on policy, and (b) he doesn't come off as an angry or heartless crusader.

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