Pima County Sheriff's Department to Dupnik: Stop Talking

Posted: Jan 20, 2011 12:39 PM
Is it just me, or did this edict come down about a week and a half late?

The Pima County Sheriff's Department has suddenly turned off the flow of information in the January 8th mass shootings in Tucson.  Shortly after noon Tuesday Sheriff's PIO Jason Ogan released this terse, one-line statement: 

"Until further notice, due to a controversy between the Sheriff's Department and the County Attorney's office, no further information reference the January 8, 2011 shooting will be released."

The word "controversy" contained in the statement would seem to imply some sort of disagreement or discord between the Sheriff's Department and LaWall's office.  But the statement did not elaborate about the nature of the controversy.  When contacted by KGUN9 News, LaWall's office declined to comment.

As KGUN9 News has reported, some critics have suggested that some statements from the Sheriff's Department -- particularly those from Sheriff Clarence Dupnik -- could serve to work against prosecutors.  A legal expert that 9 On Your Side consulted did not share the concern.  Whether LaWall has views on the subject, and if so, whether those views played into Wednesday's Sheriff's Department statement, is unknown.

Ed Morrissey snarks: "Don’t they know that they’re wasting an opportunity to get Pima County and its sheriff in the national news?  Isn’t that their highest priority?  It certainly seems to be a higher priority for Sheriff Dupnik than, say, running a professional and objective investigation."

Ah well, Dupnik's unprofessional vitriol and irresponsible speculation was fun while it lasted.  At least we'll always be able to cherish the memories: