Must-Listen: Hugh Hewitt Grills Politico's John Harris Over Bias

Posted: Jan 18, 2011 1:58 PM
After a week-long vacation, Hugh Hewitt was champing at the bit to take the mainstream media to task for its scandalous coverage of the Tucson shootings, and beyond.  Politico editor John Harris probably wasn't expecting this unrelenting interrogation about his publication's leftward drift:

Hugh Hewitt Confronts Politico Editor Over Left-Wing Biased Tucson Coverage from Breitbart on Vimeo.

When I filled in for Hugh last week, I singled out Politico for criticism on two occasions:  Jonathan Martin's absurd piece comparing President Obama's Tucson speech to Sarah Palin's video fending off charges of inciting mass murder (hers was inferior in every conceivable way, naturally), and Jennifer Epstein's risible Palin-blood-libel-dog-whistle "story:

Sarah Palin’s use of the charged term “blood libel” may not have been an accidental blunder, but a deliberate “‘dog whistle” appeal to her evangelical Christian supporters for whom the expression has meaning, commentators and others are saying.


Glad to see Hugh don his prosecutor's hat and hold Harris' feet to the fire.