Tucson Shooting Victim Arrested for Threats Against Tea Party Leader

Posted: Jan 17, 2011 8:47 AM
Remember Eric Fuller?  He's the Tucson shooting survivor we brought to your attention on Friday after he blamed the massacre on Sarah Palin, John Boehner, and other political figures he opposes:

“It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle and the rest got their first target,” Eric Fuller said in an interview with Democracy NOW.

“Their wish for Second Amendment activism has been fulfilled — senseless hatred leading to murder, lunatic fringe anarchism, subscribed to by John Boehner, mainstream rebels with vengeance for all, even 9-year-old girls,” he added.

Apparently spreading counter-factual and discredited slander against conservatives didn't quite satiate Mr. Fuller's hatred for conservatives.  Over the weekend, he was arrested for leveling a death threat against a local Tea Party leader at a Tucson townhall meeting hosted by ABC News:
When Tea Party representative Trent Humphries rose to suggest that any conversation about gun control be put off until after the funerals for all the victims, witnesses say Fuller became agitated.  Two told KGUN9 News that Fuller finally rose, took a picture of Humphries, and said, "You're dead."

When State Rep. Terri Proud (R-Tucson) rose to explain and clarify current and proposed gun legislation in the state, several people groaned or booed her.  One of those booing, according to several witnesses, was Fuller.   Witnesses sitting near Fuller told KGUN9 News that Fuller was making them feel very uncomfortable.

The event wrapped up a short time later.  Deputies then escorted Fuller from the room.  As he was being led off, Fuller shouted loudly.  Several witnesses said that what they thought they heard him shout was, "You're all whores!"

We're all thankful Mr. Fuller's injuries were not fatal, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.  We also hope he seeks and gets the help he may need, and that his outburst may further put to rest the red herring of the Right's "overwhelming" ownership of uncivil political speech in America.