Pelosi Saves Her Best For Last

Posted: Jan 05, 2011 9:20 AM
Allahpundit calls the jaw-dropping quote you're about to see "the perfect ending to [Pelosi's] ruinous tenure as Speaker," and I'd have to agree.  Her "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it" gem and her repugnant slanders of the CIA deserve major dishonorable mentions, but this statement from her valedictory presser as Speaker may take the cake.  Behold:

"If everyone in America was very, very pleased with his or her health insurance and had no complaints, and had access to quality affordable healthcare in our country, it still would have been necessary for us to pass the healthcare reform bill because we could not sustain the system."

Even if the American healthcare system were perfect, Nancy Pelosi's Democrats still would have passed a $2 Trillion behemoth of a bill the public reduce costs.  Simply stunning.

Ignore for a moment the fact that damn near everyone was at least somewhat satisfied with their healthcare arrangement prior to Obamacare's debut (why else would the president have inaccurately insisted every five minutes that people would be entitled to keep their current plan no matter what?)  Most amazing about Pelosi's comment is that she is still sticking with the cost reduction canard, which has been totally and completely discredited.   Even most Democrats abandoned that ludicrous and fraudulent talking point the second it outlived its usefulness, yet brave Nancy soldiers on with the delusion.

As of today, this detestable woman is officially the former Speaker of the House.  Hallelujah.