The Chicago Way: Rahm to Replace a Daley, A Daley to Replace Rahm?

Guy Benson
Posted: Jan 04, 2011 1:13 PM
David Frum smells something a little fishy here, and given the seedy nature of Chicago politics, he might be onto something.  How might Chicagoans pronounce "quid pro quo"?

Do I have this straight: a Daley resigns to make room for Rahm, Rahm resigns to make room for another Daley, and nobody thinks this fishy?

Indeed, that's how things appear to be playing out.  Here's a very simplified timeline:

September, 2010: Chicago Mayor Richard Daley shocks the city by unexpectedly announcing he won't seek another term in office.  This opens a path for then-White House Chief of Staff and native Chicagoan Rahm Emanuel to fulfill his lifelong dream of leading the Windy City.

October, 2010: Rahm Emanuel departs the White House to pursue a mayoral run (which, in time, is aided by a very friendly ruling by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners on his fulfillment of residency requirements). 

January, 2011: Seeking a permanent replacement for the man gunning to succeed Mayor Richard Daley, President Obama reportedly picks...the brother of Mayor Richard Daley, Bill Daley. 

It's all so cozy, convenient, and -- of course -- thoroughly coincidental.  That's the Chicago Way.