Chris Christie Not A Huge Fan of Sarah Palin?

Posted: Nov 24, 2010 11:02 AM
The media reports that Christie "rolled his eyes" when asked by late night TV host Jimmy Fallon if Sarah Palin could be president.  His answer: "I don't know, Jimmy.  It's an amazing world."  Was he being derisive?  Dismissive?  Or just side-stepping a landmine of a question?  You be the judge.  Skip ahead to the final 40 seconds, if you're short on time:

The entire clip is worth a gander.  My favorite part of the interview is Christie's stone-faced response to Fallon's early jab at New Jersey.  Despite the crowd cracking up and Fallon egging him on, he didn't break -- terrific comedic timing. 

But back to his true conservative blasphemy.  Palin might make the question moot.  She's now on the record saying that she won't run for president if she becomes "a distraction," whatever that means.  A distraction from what?  Love her or hate her, couldn't it be argued that with her own reality TV show and a daughter competing on a celebrity dancing show, she's already somewhat distracting?  I hope the next journalist who interviews Palin -- and we know who that won't be -- will seek some clarification on her definition of being a distraction.

I'm also eager to hear what conservatives make of Christie's arms-length policy vis-a-vis Palin.  Does the "eye roll" and his decision against accepting her offer to stump for him in 2009 make Christie a RINO?  Complicating matters: Do RINOs get attacked as viciously by the Left as he does?  Read the Lefty troll comments from my post on him yesterday, and it's clear that they're in full-fledged personal destruction mode against him.  Vicious, intensely personal attacks from hysterical Left-winger?  Maybe Christie and Palin have more in common than he lets on.