Idaho Democrat: My Latino Republican Opponent Once Had A Secret Plan To Help A Drug Dealer Escape to Mexico, or Something!

Posted: Oct 29, 2010 7:39 PM
Desperation is in the air, my friends:

The claims in this ad are absolute rubbish and unsupported by facts, as this devastating point-by-point refutation by KTVB News illustrates:

Raul Labrador's campaign goes nuclear on Democrat Walt Minnick for airing the deceitful spot:

“Raul’s campaign has talked about the issues important to the voters of Idaho; job creation, fiscal discipline and restoring accountability in government.  The very disturbing road Walt Minnick has chosen to go down during this campaign; launching smear ads and assaulting Raul’s character speak volumes about the integrity of Walt Minnick,” said Labrador spokesman Phil Hardy.  “It is clear Walt Minnick will do or say anything to hold onto his seat, including lying about Raul and running the most despicable and desperate campaign Idaho has ever witnessed.” 

This race is a statistical dead heat, with Minnick ahead by a hair.  I look forward to Rachel Maddow's angry denunciation of this ad as "overtly racist," since it features the mugshot of an Hispanic drug dealer.

But remember, folks, we're told that it's really all that shadowy, evil Chamber of Commerce and/or foreign money that has supposedly poisoned this election for Democrats.   I suppose now is as good a time as ever to offer two friendly reminders:

(1) Contrary to their self-serving narrative, Democrats and their affiliated groups have outspent their Republican counterparts overall this cycle.

(2) Democrats have also also outpaced Republicans in the personal attack department by a 2-to-1 margin