Competing Headlines on Early Voting Trends

Posted: Oct 20, 2010 8:39 PM
The Washington Post:

Democrats bank on early voting to bridge enthusiasm gap

Democrats across the country know they face a daunting enthusiasm gap that veteran politicians such as Reid can't possibly overcome. What they can do is try to outperform their Republican opponents by taking advantage of the longer window to get folks to the polls.

Roll Call:

GOP Has Absentee Ballot Advantage in Pennsylvania

While Rep. Joe Sestak (D) appears to have seized the momentum in Pennsylvania’s Senate contest, Keystone State Republicans are far more active than Democrats in early voting activity, according to absentee balloting figures released by the state Wednesday at Roll Call’s request.

Pennsylvania voters have requested nearly 127,000 absentee ballots so far. Of that total, Republican voters made up 50 percent and Democrats made up 42 percent, according to figures collected Tuesday afternoon.

The state records show Republicans are returning their absentee ballots in greater numbers as well.

And don't forget this story, which reported a GOP early voting edge in Nevada's most populous counties--a possible bad omen for Harry Reid.

Parting thought: In spite of these encouraging tidbits, don't get cocky.  Keep working hard.  The finish line is in sight.