Orlando Sentinel Rips Alan Grayson for Deceitful Ad - UPDATE: In-Context Video Added

Posted: Sep 28, 2010 9:55 AM
Alan Grayson--the bomb-throwing, clownish, somewhat unstable Democratic Congressman from central Florida--has run two of the most abhorrent ads of the 2010 campaign cycle.  First, he totally lied about Republican Daniel Webster's military record, falsely accusing him of draft-dodging, and cavalierly asserting that Webster "doesn't love this country."  Now, he's comparing Webster to the Taliban in a most unseemly and dishonest way.  Here's the repulsive spot:

Yesterday, Ed Morrissey provided some much-needed context to this controversy, pointing out the Biblical illiteracy and religious bigotry implicit in Grayson's ad.  Now the Orlando Sentinel, a major media player in the eighth district, has jumped into the fray, taking Grayson to task for his utter mendacity:

In an attack ad labeling his opponent " Taliban Dan" Webster, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson uses Webster's own words to prove the Republican thinks wives should be subservient to their husbands.

One problem: The Grayson campaign edited the original video, chopping it up and taking Webster's words out of context. Webster actually was advising husbands to bypass those particular Bible passages, according a longer video clip released Monday by Webster's campaign.

The TV spot includes short clips of Webster saying "…wives submit yourself to your own husband…" and "she should submit to me. That's in the Bible…." The words "submit to me" are repeated twice more.

In the full video, Webster is talking to husbands at a gathering of a religious organization about Biblical passages to choose when praying for loved ones. He says:

"Find a verse. I have a verse for my wife, I have verses for my wife. Don't pick the ones that say, um, she should submit to me. That's in the Bible, but pick the ones that you're supposed to do. So instead, love your wife, even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it, as opposed to wives submit yourself to your own husband. She can pray that if she wants to, but don't you pray it."

Part of me wonders if Grayson is actually living out an elaborate hoax.  Might he be a brilliant conservative operative masquerading as a deranged, mean-spirited Left-wing creep who deliberately tailors his antics to offend moderate voters, discredit the TV and radio hosts who promote his over-the-top garbage, and ritually highlight the double standard conservatives face vis-a-vis the media's civility police? 

Nah.  He's just a loud-mouth, uncouth jerk.  To our resident Lefties: Can you even begin to defend this guy?

UPDATE (via Elisabeth)-- Grit your teeth, watch Grayson's ad again, and then watch the video of what Webster actually said, in context.  Grayson's twisting of Webster's words couldn't be any more unfair or inaccurate:

UPDATE II-- Webster responds to the ad:

“While I don’t yet have the financial resources to match Alan Grayson and fight back against his despicable distortions, I do have the truth on my side. That is what will lead us to victory in November so we can begin restoring honor to Central Florida and conservative principles to Washington.”

The man needs financial resources to beat back the disgusting lies of a well-funded opponent.  You know what to do.