New Fox Polls Hold (Mostly) Good News for Republicans

Posted: Sep 28, 2010 4:34 PM
The latest numbers from Fox News / Pulse Opinion research:

Wisconsin Senate

Johnson (R)   52%
Feingold (D)  44%

Wisconsin Governor

Walker (R)  49%
Barrett (D)  45%

Colorado Senate

Buck (R)      47%
Bennet (D)  43%

Colorado Governor

Hickenlooper (D)  44%
Tancredo (I)           34%
Maes (R)                15%

Illinois Senate

Kirk (R)                 42%
Giannoulias (D)   40%
Jones (G)              7 %

Illinois Governor

Brady (R)  46%
Quinn (D)  36%

Washington Senate

Murray (D) - 48%
Rossi (R)   - 47%

Ohio Senate

Portman (R)   50%
Fisher (D)      37%

Ohio Governor

Kasich (R)       45%
Strickland (D)  43%

These results appear to be generally in line with other recent polls of these swing races, with a few exceptions: (1) Democrats must be pleased to see the Ohio and Wisconsin Governor races significantly tighter than other surveys have indicated (although they still trail in both), and (2) Republicans will be heartened by Dino Rossi's apparent surge in Washington State.  Also:  Illinois voters really don't like their choices for Senate, and the Colorado Governor race is an unmitigated disaster for the GOP.

Each state poll surveyed 1,000 likely voters and reflects a /- 3 margin of error.  Full results are available on the Fox story linked at the top.