"No Cajones"

Guy Benson
Posted: Sep 22, 2010 1:07 PM
New York politics ain't beanbag.  Check out this official campaign flyer featured prominently on New York Republican Gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino's website:

If you don't recognize that face, it's Paladino's Democratic opponent, NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.  (If you don't know what 'cojones' are, I'll allow you to conduct your own research on the matter).  The flyer's aim is to needle Cuomo for his refusal, so far, to commit to any head-to-head debates with Paladino this fall.  The intentional provocation hit its mark: Cuomo responded angrily by calling his opponent an "a--hole" for questioning his manhood.

As Jillian noted earlier, this horserace just got pretty interesting, with the long-shot Paladino pulling to within single digits.  It's a fairly safe bet that between 'cojones' flyers, online pop-up videos of Paladino explaining why he's "mad as hell" and cheering the "thunder of a revolution," and profanity-laced tantrums, the Empire State will produce one hell of an entertaining gubernatorial race.  Pass the popcorn.