Boxer Claims She Wants More Debates, Refuses to Schedule Them

Posted: Sep 21, 2010 7:54 AM
It seems Senator M'am can talk a good game, but doesn't have much interest in following through on her bravado.  Kudos to KCBS for challenging Boxer on her rhetoric and accurately portraying the incumbent's disingenuous approach to the question of scheduling more televised debates with Carly Fiorina--who's adopted an "anywhere, anytime" posture on the matter:

KCAL/KCBS REPORTER: “Would it be fair for people to assume … that you really don’t want the people of California to see you debating the issues?”
BOXER: “No.” (pause) “Do you want me to explain?”
BOXER: “Ok. I’d like to debate many more times, maybe ten. And I intend to run a campaign based on what I need to do to let the people know I’m not that person that my opponent says I am. And I will be doing that and debating as many times as I possibly can.”

The CBS reporter proceeds to explain that despite Boxer's professed desire to debate "maybe ten" more times, her campaign has thus far refused to schedule any more debates.  As of today, Boxer and Fiorina will go head-to-head just one more time in a radio debate that won't even air statewide. 

Californians may wonder, based on Boxer's response to the reporter's inquiry, if her campaign is working diligently behind the scenes to expand the debate schedule.  Team Carly passes along this note, disabusing voters of that notion:

We here at team Carly would like to set the record straight with regard to the actual state of debate negotiations: There are none happening right now because Boxer and her team refuse to engage in them.  Moreover, please note that this is a well established pattern for Boxer. 

-In 2004, she tried to blame her then opponent Bill Jones for not wanting to debate, when just the opposite was true:
At The End Of Her 2004 Campaign, Boxer Tried To Blame The Bill Jones Campaign For The Lack Of A Second Debate. (Dena Bunis, “Below The Radar,” The Orange County Register, 10/29/04)
-In 1992, Boxer went to great lengths to play games when it came to debates. She not only cancelled a debate to be hosted by the California Broadcasters Association, but she once again tried to place the blame elsewhere by citing a change in format:
In 1992, Boxer Tried To Blame Her Debate Cancellation On A Change In Format; However, The California Broadcasters Association Confirmed The Debate Format Requested By Boxer. (Herbert A. Sample, “Boxer Cancels Senate Debate,” Sacramento Bee, 9/29/92)

Translation: Ain't gonna happen. Unless, that is, enormous public pressure is brought to bear that forces Sen. Boxer to actually present her thoughts to voters in a forum that doesn't passively allow distortions and attacks to go unanswered--as Boxer's preferred form of communication, attack ads, tend to do.