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On Friday, we highlighted a Rasmussen poll showing incumbent Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI) trailing Republican businessman Ron Johnson by 7 points.  It appears the news is about become more dire for Feingold, as another bombshell poll is set to detonate tomorrow.  This time, the foreboding numbers come from
DailyKos' partner firm, PPP:

A Public Policy Polling survey in Wisconsin -- which will be released tomorrow by DailyKos -- will show Sen. Russ Feingold (D) trailing challenger Ron Johnson (R) by double-digits due to a "massive" enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans.

Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg each list the Wisconsin Senate battle as a "toss-up" at the moment.  After tomorrow, I wonder if one--or both--might flip it to "leans Republican."  Such a rating would more closely reflect the undeniable trend of the race, and Feingold is running out of time to stop the bleeding and reverse his fortunes.

UPDATE:  The Badgerland electorate doesn't look any more receptive to Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Tom "More taxes! Less jobs!" Barrett, who now trails Republican Scott Walker by 8 points.

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