Four Reasons Chris Matthews is Worried...

Posted: Sep 16, 2010 4:09 PM
...about an O'Donnell win in Delaware:

(1) She's raised over $1,000,000 in just over 24 hours.  Her new goal is $1.25M.  At the very least, she's going to force the DSCC to spend some money on the race.

(2) The national generic ballot picture is gloomy, and getting gloomier (and even gloomier?), for Democrats.

(3) Republican turnout for her primary win was exceedingly high, reflecting strong voter enthusiasm among Right-leaning Delaware voters--particularly in the state's two conservative-ish counties (Kent and Sussex).

(4) Another Northeastern Senate seat that was written off weeks ago due to the Democrat's perceived invincibility and the Republican's bizarre personal baggage has just been flipped to "toss-up" status by Charlie Cook.  The two races aren't entirely analogous, but conventional wisdom is shifting at warp speed this cycle.

Now a few dashes of cold water: Chris "Pet" Coons still holds a double-digit lead, Delaware is a very blue state, Christie O'Donnell has yet to prove that she can appeal to moderate voters, and all of the issues that dogged her in the primary haven't disappeared.

Also, while it's nice that national Republicans have hopped on board, and the state party is finally calling for "unity," it doesn't help that Mike Castle's campaign is still sending out emails like this:

Castle for Senate

In Case You Missed It

O'Donnell is undeserving of the victory Del. voters bestowed on her

By RON WILLIAMS  The News Journal
September 16, 2010

Some 30,500 Republicans have embarrassed the dickens out of the state of Delaware by voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning the general election, is a verifiable liar and cheater with no known means of employment other than her campaign money and has nothing to claim as a campaign platform other than whatever the tea party stands for.

Even if Castle stubbornly refuses to endorse the woman who beat him, he should at least stop amplifying attacks against her.  It's over, dude.