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American Paralysis and Decline
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Kathy Hochul Has the Green Light to Give State Jobs to Illegal Migrants

"We've Reached A New Stage In Donaldism"

On this week's Townhall Review:

Michael Medved on the Jeb Bush announcement. Then Medved on The Donald's announcement. Charles Krauthammer appears with Medved to discuss The Donald's sharp criticism of Krauthammer since the announcement. Bill Bennett and Steven Hayward on Pope Francis and his support of Marxist "Liberation Theology" while proclaiming the new Catholic "sin" of man-made climate change. Dennis Prager on Rachel Dolezal's proclamation that she is not white, but black. Michael Medved on the recent viral study declaring the effects of marijuana. Bill Bennett and Hugh Hewitt on Hillary's run and what we will see from her. Prager on the 11-year-old who was taken from his parents, and his parents were arrested after he was caught playing basketball by himself for 45-minutes in his yard.


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