NBC News Reporter Says Haley Is Looking at Total Annihilation on Super Tuesday
The GOP Is Changing, And That’s Good
Nikki Haley Keeps Making a Mess of Things
Don’t Get Too Excited About California’s Senate Race Just Yet
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Separation of Church and State
Will Nikki Haley Claim The Declaration of Independence, Constitution ‘Not the Same’ and...
GOP Leaders, Listen to Your Base
Conspiracy Theories on the Right are Finally Being Proven True
Airdrops and Elections
I’m Running for Congress to Take Action and Deliver Results
Gavin Newsom Visits the Southern Border After Handing Out Freebies to Illegal Migrants
Ted Cruz: 'Joe Biden Campaigned on Dismantling the Southern Border'
Biden's Sending More Aid to Gaza, but That's Not the Only Issue
Joe Biden's 2024 Chances Look Grim As Trump Tops the Polls

Carly Keeps Crushing It

On this week's Townhall Review:

Carly Fiorina discusses her campaign launch and Hillary with Hugh Hewitt. Michael Medved has Mike Huckabee on to talk about his presidential announcement. Paul Ryan and Hewitt on the up-and-coming presidential campaign and the Clinton bubble. Mike Gallagher and Pamela Geller, the key organizer for the deadly "draw Mohammad" event in Garland, TX. Dennis Prager and terror expert Steven Emerson on the latest acts of terrorism committed by Islamic fundamentalists. Bill Bennett and Marc Thiessen on Baltimore and the political ideology that has been leading this city for scores of decades. Michael Medved and Peter Schweizer, author of "Clinton Cash," discusses the Clintons and Bill's latest foot-in-the-mouth comment.


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