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"We Are Shocked by Spectacular Evil--When It Continues We are Less Shocked"

On this week's Townhall Weekend Journal:

Senator Tom Cotton and Hugh Hewitt discuss Netanyahu's up-and-coming visit to speak to the U.S. Congress. Bill Bennett and former Pentagon official, Michael Rubin on the turmoil in Yemen. Bill Kristol and Hugh Hewitt on the Middle East mess, beginning with Iran. Dennis Prager challenges guest Atheist Michael Shermer on how the stupidity of secular ideology heavily outweighs the absurdities coming from religious orthodoxy. Prager on Bill Nye "The Science Guy's" failed attempt to connect global warming with the failed NYC "blizzard". Michael Medved looks at the non-Mitt/Jeb GOP candidates. Hewitt speaks with possible 2016 presidential candidate, Gov. John Kasich. Prager on how the conscience softens to evils such as beheadings from Islamic terrorists.


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