Morning Joe Crew Offers "Sympathy" For Hamas

Posted: Aug 06, 2014 1:02 PM

Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell have become Hamas "sympathizers". Scarborough offers this challenge to Israel supporters: "If your child is being held with a gun to their head, do you want the cop to shoot through your child to kill you?" [Obviously, Joe meant to say "shoot through your child to kill 'the bad guy' and not 'you'"]. This hypothetical is so obnoxiously unrepresentative of the Israel/Hamas conflict because Scarborough's bad guy is not firing a single bullet. If the bad guy were to shoot it would be proper procedure to shoot and kill the bad guy while trying not to hit the child. Israel is taking this action with an even greater caution because before shooting Israel drops the bad guy leaflets, and then leaves messages on his phone, and then waits 20 minutes before taking him out. Having said all this, Scarborough, Mitchell and Chuck Todd agree that Israel has "went too far," that this was the "final straw," and declare that "enough is enough". Mitchell concludes that Hamas has earned "world sympathy."