Obama: "We Didn't Have The Luxury For Michelle Not To Work"

Posted: Apr 12, 2012 2:10 PM

Here's Obama speaking at the White House to the Women's Economic Forum. There's many angles to take here regarding the President's remarks and those made by Democrat strategist, Hilary Rosen (see video below) but what I need to comment on is Obama's using the word "luxury" to describe those families with stay-at-home mothers. Allow me to delve into my Christian worldview regarding this matter as I know many of you have a secular world view.

Wanting--no, needing--the mother of your own kids to raise them instead of hiring someone else do it is not a matter of "luxury," it is a matter of priority. It is a matter of where do you draw the line as far as what those "nonnegotiables" will be in your family. Is having two cars a nonnegotiable? Is living in a house a nonnegotiable? How about having your kids attend a certain school: private, religious, or simply in a "good" public school district? Is it a nonnegotiable that you live in a certain community? Is providing your kids with certain kinds of clothes a nonnegotiable? Must you always buy new clothes? Is having a cable TV subscription with a plasma television and an internet connection a nonnegotiable? Or is simply providing food for your family the lowest you will be incapable of negotiating over (read: no welfare)? If having your wife be a stay-at-home mother for your children is a nonnegotiable, you will make it happen just like all your other nonnegotiables. Maybe protecting and preserving a nonnegotiable will require moving from a 1,500 square foot home into a 800 square foot apartment--with two children--but you will make it happen. Maybe it will ask you to drop your awesome job with great pay and require you to move to a community/state where you will need to get a less exciting job with lower pay. How low will you go? All families must sacrifice, some sacrifice a house while others if not most, like the Obama family, choose to sacrifice their own children.

I know I am drawing a long line with what I'm about to say in order to connect these dots, but I can't help myself. A lot of this talk comes back to the whole home school discussion. Will you send your kids off to be taught by someone you barely know or never will know, or will you raise and teach your children yourselves? As Voddie Baucham warns Christian families in his DVD titled The Children of Caesar: The State of American Education, "When you send your children off to be taught by Caesar, don't be surprised when they come home as Romans." This epidemic of "Christian" youth turning from Christ is one of the many cursings that come when so-called biblically-centered families allow the mother's calling to be negotiated. This is secular blasphemy, I know, but I didn't write the mail, I just deliver it.

And in case you missed it, here's Democrat strategist, Hilary Rosen saying that the mother of five, Ann Romney "never worked a day in her life" Wednesday night on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360: