CNN Pounces: Runs "New Face Of The Working Poor" Segment

Posted: Feb 02, 2012 11:15 AM

How convenient. You can be sure the "Faces of the LDS Church" segment will appear on CNN in the near future if Mitt stays on top.

CNN's bottom-line message for this segment: You are the next "new face of the working poor," so you'd better take a second look at what Romney said!

You got to feel for this family, but I was waiting [not really] for CNN to tie their woes to Obama's three years of policy failure. Why would they? I'm sure they wouldn't have tied this family to the policies of a  Republican president, right?

Mitt, please stay off of MSNBC and CNN. They LIVE for these moments. BTW: Which one of your super smart staffers is telling you to go on these shows?! Quiz for Team Romney: How many votes do you think you can pull from these two in-the-Obama-tank networks?

Option 1) It's time to be smarter about the news organizations you choose to go on. Option 2) You need to read thousands of pages of books from great conservative thinkers so you know how to make a solid conservative argument--not just a business/free-market one.