Newt Slams NBC Silencing Audience & Reacts To Palin's "Panties In Wad" Comment

Posted: Jan 24, 2012 11:30 AM

NBC's no clapping, no booing = no fun. Talk about a snore.

NEWT: "The media doesn't control free speech."

BTW: Here's how anyone could have "won" last night's debate. When asked about beet sugar or Terry Schiavo, the GOP candidate should have said, "These questions are not serious, they are not relevant, and you are wasting the voter's time. I want a show of hands [looking toward the audience], how many of you want us to talk about beet sugar or Terry Schiavo?"

That would have been a debate-winning moment. Take note to my advice candidates when libs try their agenda-driven/boring questions in future debates.