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"Don't Be A Grinch": Obama Advises GOP To "Redeem Themselves" & Pass His Jobs Bill

Wednesday in Scranton, PN, Barack Obama taunted and double-dared the Republicans in Congress to extend his "payroll tax cut." Obama's failure to mention the actual bill that would enact this "tax cut" tells us for the umpteenth time a little about who this guy really is and how unpopular his dead-end $447 billion dollar jobs bill (read: Stimulus 2.0) has become. Obama coated his speech in an easier-to-swallow sugar-coated pill, using words like "tax cuts" for the middle class. Of course he adds that the "rich" will take the hit in order to help fund the revenues.


Note how Obama tries to shine an angelic light on himself by saying he's "filled in the Christmas Spirit" and how he's "allowing" Republicans another chance to "redeem themselves." The guy is practically Santa Claus! which would be a huge step down from the rumors that he was born in a stable in Bethlehem. And what would Christmas be without the Democrats labeling Republicans "Grinches"? My how the times have changed. At least in '94 the "Democrats" hid behind Newsweek, but now our President has the audacity to call all of the Republican House members "Grinches" on national television. Is this Hopenchange? Is this Progress? Is this what Obama meant when he spoke of United States of America?

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