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"Absolutely Disgusting! I Can't Believe He Resonates!": "Morning Joe" Crew Frantic Over Newt's OWS Dig

What do you get when liberals Mark Halperin, Mika Brzezinski, John Heilemann, and Jeffrey Sachs respond to Newt Gingrich's sound advice to OWSers to "go get a job right after you take a bath" comment? How about a figurative frothing at the mouth. Note how I used the word "figurative" because Mika--in her emotional attempt to persuade MSNBC viewers--uses the word "literally" twice in an incorrect manner within a 20 second period--she does this often. Here's the two examples: "[Newt] is literally the biggest hypocrite!" and "He literally makes my skin crawl." Oh well. Her grammar sucks and mine is far from stellar, but I don't try to sell myself as an elite intellectual with an exclusive pedigree. In actuality, Mika is simply an older, skinnier version of Megan McCain--and that includes the like, OMG, valley girl cadence.


Speaking of valley girls, note how Jeffrey Sachs dramatizes with the figurative "GIRLFRIEND, NO HE DI'NT!" cat call while snapping his fingers into a Zorro-like "Z" pattern.

When the rest of these guys are not speaking they cheat to the camera with the proverbial drooping of the head mixed with the occasional head shake, indicating to the audience that they too should join in their melodramatic party.

If you wish to join or not, here's the clip, which, by the way, is how they began this morning's three-hour-long "Morning Joe" show:

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