Union President Hoffa: American Businesses Are "UNPATRIOTIC"--We're Backing Obama 100%

Posted: Sep 04, 2011 5:09 PM
We expect this kind of rhetoric from Union leaders such as Jim Hoffa, President of Teamsters. But I was shocked by how much Candy lived up to her name during the interview. It was incredibly sweet of her to never ask him one tough question about Boeing, about how Unions drive up costs and make America anti-competitive, and she never noted that 40% of Union members in America vote Republican and yet over 90% of Union cash goes right into the pockets of Democrats.
It is so in vogue to be sweet towards thugs--especially if you are a Democrat--so I kinda understand Candy Crowley's interview with thug presidents such as Hoffa.
Big HT Lee Habeeb.

Below is the full interview between Jim Hoffa and Candy Crowley. At the 4:42 mark it picks up where the above video left off. Here you will hear the "let's stop being partisan and work together" guy (sound familiar?) say that the Unions are all-in for The One in 2012. I'm shocked!