TIME's Joe Klein: NY-26 A "Victory For Socialism"--GOP Candidate Will Be Like Mass Executioner "Robespierre"

Posted: May 26, 2011 3:49 PM
All the headlines from this MSNBC segment have focused on the "victory for socialism" comment.

The lack of historical knowledge, especially knowledge involving the French Revolution, allows TIME's political columnist, Joe Klein to label the Republican presidential candidate "Robespierre" without Americans immediately calling for his apology.

In essence, Klein wishes he could use the "Hitler" or "Stalin" label for the Republican presidential candidates but realizes this would get him in too much trouble. Instead, this creepy-smiled clown uses the man who is known to have led the most radical and bloody organization in French history: the Jacobins? [Under Robespierre's command, the slaughter and mass executions of some 40,000 people were appropriately labeled the "Reign of Terror."]

The guillotine became the symbol of this period and is pretty much the only thing to have preserved in the consciences of Americans today.

That said--and his socialism comment aside--would you say Joe Klein's comment was maybe a teensy-weensy bit over the top?

The media steam-roller moves on into 2012...