Japan's "Faustian Bargain": Joy Behar & Liberal Nuke "Expert" Rip Nuclear Energy

Posted: Mar 14, 2011 1:53 PM
The "View" is one of the many television shows who have trotted out Michio Kaku, ABC News Correspondent, physics professor, and host of his very own talk show on the very liberal Pacifica radio--which, of course, they always fail to mention.

On today's episode, the Left continue to bang the eeeeeeevvvvilll [cue malicious laugh track] nuclear energy drum. Here, some might say Kaku takes it a tad too far with the Faust comment. Note Kaku's "solution" to the energy problem. He takes the Obama approach of a good old-fashioned and always successful "national debate."

Joyless Behar lobs Kaku a perfect pitch: