MSNBC's Mitchell To GOP Rep: We're Both White So We Can't Sympathize With Minorities & Muslims

Posted: Mar 10, 2011 2:57 PM
I need to submit to the readers that all of my posts are for whites only--because I am...apologetically white. Until I feasted on the wisdom of Andrea Mitchell, I was ignorant enough to believe that non-whites could relate to my white-washed blog posts. I was wrong. I believe Andrea ignites a new movement in journalism: Accompanying all pieces of journalism--right next to the name--and especially if it is produced in a written format, the producer should submit their race, economic class, sex, and religion. This way, if we are confused--if we can't "get in their heads for a second," as Andrea Mitchell wisely stated--we will be able to see if our issue is inherent (biological or cultural) or not. If this policy is instituted, chances are this will cause many more Ameircans to experience White Guilt and join the Democrat Party. On second thought, I retract my statement.