Huckabee: Unmarried Natalie Portman "Glorifying" Out-Of-Wedlock Pregnancy

Posted: Mar 04, 2011 2:54 PM
The increasing downplaying of wife-hood, while single motherhood (i.e., the "baby mama" culture) is applauded, is troubling. As an anti-abortionist, I applaud the "choice" to give the baby its life, but a huge part of the baby's life is having both a father and mother.

I too wish Portman would have expressed appreciation as a new--and the most important role of being a wife. It has been said that a woman can not be a good mother unless she is a good wife. Although the debate and fury regarding this statement could go on for a very long and heated time, there is much to be said regarding its ring of truth.

[Here's the US magazine story on this.]