Matthews Gives "Free Advertising" To Union Leader: It's "Great" He's An Old SDS Guy

Posted: Feb 23, 2011 7:34 PM
There's so much here. First of all, "free advertising!" Meditate on that--no need for comment. Second of all, "an old SDS guy," which is "great." Is he talking about the Students for a Democratic Society led by Bill Ayers? Indeed he is. Again, no comment. The Left is revealing more and more of their cards, the question is, are Americans paying attention?

BTW: What the heck does Matthews mean by "you look like the real thing"? Sometimes I just don't get Matthews. Furthermore, what the heck is that old SDSer talking about when he says "this is where democracy is"? If this is true Mr. Marty Beil, Exec. Dir, Wisconsin AFSCME, why aren't your Democrat State Representatives participating in the democratic process?