CNN on Marriage: "Something Works When You Don't Do It" -- Cohabitating = Better Sex

Posted: Feb 16, 2011 12:19 PM
Underlying the war against marriage is an increasing focus on the self--specifically, the self as pure, decent, and good. My take is that this internal focus on what is seen as good is the result of the waning belief in Original Sin. If the package is all good, why would anyone need a savior or a redeemer? Why would one need to obey God's law if we are just as good and pure as Him? Why wouldn't our feelings determine who or what we should marry? And why wouldn't our feelings decide how many people we will sleep with--and which sex they are? Kids? HA! That gets in the way of pleasing oneself--but it's all good because this selfishness comes from a good place, of course. Men? Who needs them? Have you seen the way men are portrayed on TV? Who would desire a man if you watch even a little TV? Women are strong and independent. "I don't need a man!" they say. Ask them if they need a cellphone? Can anyone say confused?

Praise the bad and mock the good. These are the times we live in, and I guess these times have always existed, but the level and spread of this way of thinking is at very fevered pitch. The road is certainly narrow, and the gate is small, and fewer people seem to find it. Thank you for another great CNN "news" segment Kyra Phillips! Next time, I'm sure your network wouldn't mind if you brought pom poms.