Liberals' Nightmare: "God Blocked Those Bullets" But "Hero" With Gun "Saved The Day"

Posted: Dec 15, 2010 3:28 PM
When liberals must choose between praising God or guns, which kryptonite do they choose? The answer's here in the clip from this morning's CNN show. Note how anchor, John Roberts reacts to Providential factors, and then compare it to his silence when it comes to the guests praising--what liberals like to call, the "gunman." [See the description at the bottom of CNN's screen].

Please note how, like the word "gender," the word "gunman" has become commonly used on the Left and on the Right--to the chagrin of guys like me. The word "gunman" is so loaded with leftist gunpowder that it must be brought to your attention. The word is used to demonize the personal possession of guns. Period. When someone is hung with a rope, is the killer referred as the "hanger"? When someone is stabbed with a knife, is the murderer called the "knifeman"? The answer is nope to both of these questions and all the other situations where a weapon is used to kill somebody.

In all cases of murder--except with gun crimes--the weapon is never the primary word used to describe the killer. We conservatives need to stop naively using this loaded leftist word. The focus of the crime should be the human being, not their weapon of choice.

Thank God for guns in the hands of decent Americans.