Krauthammer: "If Obama Gets More Arrogant, He'll Be Napoleonic"

Posted: Oct 18, 2010 7:26 PM
It is easy to control mass man when his character and opinions are formed by a hopenchange, leg-thrilled mass media and a Union/Government-run, K through PhD, mass educational system. In Obama's absolute state, the presidency is becoming a demagogic dictatorship, The Great Uniter is a mere figurehead for the interests that put him in power. The people who control and administer that power number, say, in the thousands--with more Czars to come, I'm sure.

The only political measures or movements that should be supported are those that devolve government away from Washington to state capitols, from state capitols to the governments of counties and cites, and from counties and cities to the real communities  of villages and neighborhoods.

The problem--among many--is that our president's tunnel-visioned, Napoleonic arrogance prevents this trickle-down effect from blooming. November is just around the corner, but Mr. Bonaparte has two more years, and he plans on taking saving the world.