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Bernie Marcus Does Star Turn On CNBC

I'm picking up what Benjamin Rush began (see below) with Home Depot's Bernie Marcus.

This morning Home Depot Co Founder Bernie Marcus went on an 18 minute riff on CNBC's "
Squawk Box" that may have been the best defense of small business, and the most important attack on the Obama Adminsitration all year. Marcus knows a little something about small business, because his business - Home Depot - was once a small business before it became a very BIG business. Home Depot employs 320,000 people, so Mr. Marcus knows a few things about job creation.

In the next clip,UPDATEUPDATE Marcus slams the out of touch Obama Administration: they are all tenured with lifelong insurance and fat pensions.


UPDATE: After hearing a few of these clips this morning, Chris Wallace announced on Mike Gallagher's radio show that he was going to book Bernie on FNS. Who wouldn't?

Here Marcus "apologizes" for creating 320,000 jobs, for becoming a Big Business, and for being a "villain," a "monster," and an overall "disgusting human being." HA! This guy is smart, talented, generous, AND very funny.

Here, Marcus's "solution" to all this is that employers must educate their employees about what political candidates stand for.

Here, Bernie Marcus discusses "courage" and how Larry Summers needs to step aside and let him teach a much needed class on courage at Harvard.

Wrapping this all up we have the clip of the year! Marcus pitches a new reality TV show: "Timothy Geithner Does Small Business":

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