NY Primary Winner Calls CNN's Sanchez An Advocate For "Liberal-Progressive," Politically Correct" Ideas

Greg Hengler
Posted: Sep 15, 2010 4:36 PM
Why do the liberal media always ask these questions to conservative Republicans? They claim--as you will see here with CNN's Sanchez--to be objective and only asking "important" questions Americans want to know, but the flip side of their questions are NEVER asked to liberal Democrats. For example, Sanchez asks Paladino three questions "people would want to know about." Are they questions regarding the economy, government spending, immigration, healthcare, war, etc? Nope. He asks three--count them, only three--questions: What's your view on same-sex marriage? Do you support aborting a baby? Does the value of human life depend on how it was conceived? [Read: do you support abortion in the case of a rape?]

Now, when was the last time the liberal media OR Fox News pull this crap on liberal Democrats? For example: Do you believe in God? Do you go to church or a place of worship? At what stage in life do you believe a child should no longer be aborted? etc.

From Sanchez to Couric to Vieria to Walters to Stephanopoulos to Williams to Gibson to Curry to Lauer and the rest of 'em--including those in the print and internet media, do they EVER ask the homosexual or abortion questions to liberal Dems...ever? How about the God question?

All Sanchez did was exemplify Paladino's statement that he was an advocate for liberal-progressive/politically correct ideas. Courageous journalists, HA!

HT: Benjamin Rush and VHABEEB.